Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jake's New Do

Last weekend we cut the mop off! I really liked it long, but Jake was ready for something new... so, off it went(4-5 inches in some spots)! In my personal opinion he looks dead sexy! Love you honey!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! It was pretty low key, but it was very nice. Jake had class that night, so we had a nice dinner for two at home, went to TCBY (my fav) and watched a movie. Get this...Jake volunteered to watch Bring It On-In It To Win It! The cheesiest movie ever! What a stud! If any of you truely know him, you know he is a shoe guy. So for his V-Day present he got a pair of New Balances that he had been wanting for awhile.
He always seems to go over and above, so for Valentine's Day he still managed to surprise me with a beautiful ring for my right hand! I just love him so much! He truely is my best friend and eternal companion! I am so grateful to have found him. I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!

Monday, February 4, 2008

California Trip

Hunnington Beach watching the surfers!

L.A. Lakers basketball game! We saw David Arquette, Mark Walberg, and Will Ferrall!
We had the chance to see the show "Wicked" at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Blvd! It was an amazing production! Even the boys liked it!

Just ridin' the rhino!
We took a short visit to Chargers Stadium...we couldn't go down to see the field because the NFL has a rule that no one can tour the field 72 hrs before a game. We got there 72 hrs before they had their playoff game! It was still neat.

Part of our Christmas present from my parents was a trip to California with the whole family! We were gone January 1-6th! We went to San Diego, Hunnington Beach, Los Angeles, and Fallbrook (part of Dustin's mission). It was really fun. We left Boise and it was 17 degrees and when we landed in San Diego it was 76 degrees! It was definately a nice break from the cold. We did go to the beach a couple days, no one swam though...Jake was ready to jump in though! It really made the two of us want to live by the ocean for at least a little while, but the mountains and lakes will do just fine for now.

Christmas w/ Roots!

The tree we tied to the wall because the tree stand wouldn't work!
Lookin' pretty Christmas morning! HaHa!
All the grandkids! All so stinking CUTE!
Playin in the snow, Christmas Day!
Jake riding the snow bike!

We spent December 24-26 with ALL the Roots up at the Farris cabin in Pine, Idaho! It was so much fun! We played in the snow with sleds, snowmobiles, and the snow bike! We went swimming in the warmsprings pool and stayed up late playing games and doing kareoke! It was so nice to get out of town and spend time with the whole family! The kids were so adorable on Christmas morning (other than the 6:30 am wake-up call)! It was really hard to come home, we had so much fun!

Christmas w/ Hadfields

This was the final result from our tree "hunting" expedition this year! Our First Christmas Tree!

This year was the Root's year for Christmas, so we spent December 23rd with my family! It was really funny because Jake and I were the only ones that got to open everything that day! Dustin and Jaret had to wait until Christmas day! We had a nice dinner and spent the evening with the fam.

Christmas Trees "Hunting"!

My family has the tradition of going up into the mountains to hunt for a Christmas tree! No tree lots for us! So, I talked Jake into adopting this tradition as our own...I think after going once, he may fight for doing it everyother year! It was really fun though! We went with all of my family, grandpa and grandma Edwards, and my aunt Sherry's family. We went to a new location this year (Featherville, Idaho), which was really neat! There was tons of snow and really pretty trees!

My Birthday!

For my actual birthday, Jake and I went to a Boise State basketball game. After the game, we met his parents and his brother Paul at a TCBY! It was really fun! Jake bought me a new wakeboard and a helmet! Later, I came to find out that he bought it in July and kept it a secret the whole time! I had no clue! The day after, we went out to my favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, with my family! With everyone's busy schedules it is harder to always get together on the actual day! Funny thing is, by the time we got together and ate at the restaurant, it was 9:30 when we were done! So we didn't even eat cake! Since I got TCBY on my real birthday, I didn't really care because I like it better anyway!