Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer O' Family Reunions

June 21st started our 3 weekend run of family reunions!
First stop is Seattle, Washington for my mom's side of the family!
My cousin Jonathan had his missionary farewell and his sister Nikki had her baby shower so we made it a weekend family reunion! It was such a blast!

Kim, Grandma, McKenna, Nikki, Me

Jake, Me, Casey, Nikki, Aaron, Kim, McKenna, outside on the ferry boat

Hanging out on the ferry!

Playing on the beach finding miniature crabs like this little guy under the rocks!

On our last day we of course had to go to Pike Place Market that overlooks the ocean! Always a must when you go to Seattle!

Nikki, Me, Grandma

Look at that HUGE fish! This vendor at the market is where you go to see fish "fly" through the air!

We have a tradition when we go to Seattle, we always go to Mee Sum Pastry and get a hombow! If you have never had one they are a must! It's a homemade big roll stuffed with meat! BBQ pork is the best!

I have to say...this is a good lookin' group!! It's not a professional picture by any means, but we thought it would be nice to take an up to date family picture while we were in Seattle. This is my aunt and uncle's backyard, it's a forest!!

Next up (the weekend after Seattle), Jackson Hole, Wyoming for my dad's side of the family! It is definitely harder to get everyone together with our busy schedules but I think everyone who made it had a blast. We golfed, rafted, played volleyball, horseshoes, Frisbee, went to a play (The Ballad of Kat Ballou) in an old playhouse, relaxed in the hot tub, and just enjoyed each other's company! The legendary antler arch in downtown Jackson Hole!

Getting ready for our white water rafting trip!

Headed to the river!

Just cooling off on the river! Our boat crew included; my dad, my mom, Dustin, Jaret, Shalee, Ryan, Jake and me. It was so much fun & our guide told us we were pros! Believe it or not no one fell out!

Finally, came Park City, Utah the weekend after Jackson Hole, with the Root family! We were there for Independence Day! How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful free country! We stayed in Park City but we spent most of the time in a small nearby town called Oakley. We blended in with the townsfolk! There was a parade (one of the best I've seen), a tribute to our country and those who fight for our freedom put on by the local choir and high school band, a luncheon at the town hall, and a rodeo with a fireworks show! It was such a great weekend!

P.S. I have to say THANK YOU again to my wonderful cousin Shalee! On our way to Park City Jake and I stopped in Ogden and she did some laser hair removal (no more shaving armpits & bikini line) and did a laser treatment on my face! I love it!

Jake & Aleah having fun in the car on the way to the parade!

So cute! Now that is family love! Lars and Aleah (nephew & niece)

Fun at the parade

Aleah (our future rodeo queen) & me


Jake and I did the alpine slide! It was really fun but the line to wait was so long! Can you tell, we were ready to make our own slide!