Monday, March 31, 2008

New Piano Cover

So, I know I just posted a picture of our new piano, but I wanted to show off my craft/handy side! The old bench cover was worn out and dull. Doesn't it look great! We think so! It's cream colored vinyl that has a snake skin texture, not to metion some extra padding! Very sassy I have to say!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I am so grateful for this wonderful time of year, our Savior sacrificed everything in our behalf. I love Him with all my heart. He is my own personal Savior. I have felt of His love so strongly in my life that I can not deny that HE LIVES! Words can't decribe how much I appreciate what He did for me. I don't know what I would do without this knowledge, what a special blessing to know of this truth. I truely love Him more than anything.
For our "Easter Bunny" day, we had a BBQ at mom & dad Root's house the saterday before Easter! The kids searched for eggs and we ate until we almost popped! It was such a beautiful sunny day, it was perfect! We can't wait to have our own kids to join in the fun!
On Easter sunday we had a wonderful dinner at mom & dad Hadfield's house and enjoyed visitng, coloring eggs and watched a movie! It is so nice to have both families close! (Really!)


Our anniversary this year was on Easter Sunday so we celebrated the friday and saturday before. We started the night off at Outback, we were both craving a good ol' fashioned steak! It was so yummy! It definately "hit the spot!"

We couldn't swing it this year to go to Maui, so we just got out of the house and stayed across town! So, off to the hotel after dinner! We used Hotwire to find a hotel, and you can't see were you get, until after you purchase the room. It wasn't the best hotel we have ever stayed in, but it was nice and we had so much fun! We, well Jake did (I was so tired I slept through it) watched the Boise State basketball game against Louisville, they lost. :( After the game we wanted to go see a movie, by the time we got to the theatre it was 10:20 so the options are slim. We saw 10,000 B.C. (we suggest $1 movie or rent it), either way we just love going to the movies and getting popcorn and a giant icee!
We got to sleep in saturday morning, which was WONDERFUL for both of us! We checked out and went to breakfast! Jake and I have both taken piano lessons in the past and both gave it up for different reasons, and both regret it! So, for the longest time we have been talking about taking lessons again and saving for a piano. After breakfast we went to Dunkley Music (a local music store) and found the perfect fit for us! It is used, but every tree years we can trade it in and they give us the dollar amount of this one towards our next one! This way we can work up to our dream piano! We are so excited!
We had such a great weekend! This past year has been amazing! We can't wait to see what this next year brings! Love you sweetheart!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, ladies...I have to say I have the best guy out there! He is such a sweetheart & is always thinking of how to make things easier for me. Plus, he is such a stud muffin! This last friday I was working when he got home from work at 9am, then he laid down for a quick nap, so I didn't get to see him until my break. Anyway, when I came out of the shop to go say "hi", I saw this pretty flower plant on the kitchen table with a very sweet card that he had written! He shows me every day how much he loves me, but this was a sweet surprise.

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He is definately my soul mate and my best friend! I am so grateful to call him my husband. He has been a great blessing in my life and everyone deserves a guy like him! (NO, I won't share!) I love you sweetheart!


Yes! This is a tent in our family room!

Rusty's FAVORITE place to sleep when the kids stay the night! (right next to Aleah)

Jake and I both have so much fun with our niece and nephews, so we decided to start having sleepovers! This last weekend we had two of my sister-in-law Amber's kids, Isham (6) and Aleah (4) come stay. We had so much fun! We set up our camping tent in the family room, Aleah and I put it up all by ourselves while the boys played the Wii. Then we put together some pizzas, Aleah is going to be a great little cook when she grows up! We rented the movie Ratatouille, went to Fred Meyer to get new batteries for the Wii! Isham LOVES playing the Wii! We used our air popper to make popcorn and watched the movie as the kids did some narrating (since they had already seen it)!

We are so excited to eventually have all the nieces and nephews come stay the night! (Zeke that means you have to make a special trip up here!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TAG-I'm it!

A. Post The Rules
B. Answer the Questions about yourself
C. After posting, tag 5 people by going to their blog and leaving a comment.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago??
Ten Years ago I was in the eight grade, loving life (not that I'm not now), with not a serious worry on my mind, thinking I was the big shot on campus at my middle school and thinking age 25 was old!
2. 5 Things on my To-Do List Today...
-get a massage & pedi (I have a client I trade with/I worked hard for it)!
-buy my brother a birthday present
-go to the gym
3. What snacks I enjoy...
It really depends on what I am in the mood for & what is on hand. Usually, popcorn or ice cream, or BOTH!
4.What would I do if I were to suddenly be a Billionaire?
Pay off our house and car. Go on a very long vacation. Buy my husband the flat screen TV he has been waiting for. Pay for school. Buy a boat, new cars, & house. Donate a HUGE chunk of it. Invest some. Help my brothers with school & mission. Not stress about money anymore!
5. 3 Bad Habits...
-worry about the small stuff (mild case of O.C.D.)
-hog the covers
6. 5 Places I've lived...
-Fresno, California
-Las Vegas, Nevada
-Eagle, Idaho
-Ogden, Utah
-Provo, Utah
P.S. There are a couple more!
7. 5 Jobs I've had...
-Hostess @ Idaho Pizza Company
-Hostess @ Pizza Hut
-Receptionist @ St. Luke's Hospital
8. 5 Things People don't Know About Me...
-It's hard for me to have a girls' night because I miss Jake
-I would love to be a sponsored snowboarder
-I really really want to be a mom soon
-Some days I think I want 6 kids
-I want twins!
Now I pick 5 people to TAG and I TAG...
Kim, Dawn, Katie, Sarah, & Linzie