Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Blessings

Yay!! Yes, I know this pic stinks, but you read it right! I'm PREGNANT!!! We didn't believe it so we took a few more! There's no doubt though, we got to see the little one a couple weeks ago in my first ultrasound! (picture below) It was SO incredible! We are excited and we both feel so blessed and humble to have the opportunity to be parents. We can't wait to bring this sweet spirit into our home!

This is our first ultrasound!!!! Doesn't it look like Casper the ghost!? The baby turned right towards the camera so we didn't get a profile pic, but the little one did do a "wiggle" dance for us! It was so cute and amazing!

FLORIDA (Tropical Storm Faye)

Soooo tired on the plane ride to Florida (sorry so blurry). I'm apologizing ahead of time for the crummy pics! Our camera stinks it's partly broken and the humidity made the pics even worse! My mom has better ones, so if I remember I will post some of hers later. (Don't cross your fingers, you know me!)
Jake boogie boarding (my favorite thing to do in the ocean)
Jake and my brother Dustin taking a break from the intense storm waves!
Beach patrol was hard at work the whole time we were there. We even watched them "rescue" a lady(there were a bout 6 beach patrol cars, 2 police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance)but it was really sad because we heard later on the news that she ended up dying. It was really weird too, because she was middle aged, and the water was really shallow, there wasn't a strong under tow and she was swimming right next to her husband. Still, a very sad ordeal.
The sad beach patrol experience didn't keep us out of the water. Despite the wind, grey sky, scattered showers, and watching a lady pretty much drown...we all had fun in the water and playing on the beach!
Our resort! Right on Daytona Beach!
Our balcony over looking the ocean
One of the 3 pools! Don't worry we only swam in them one day, cause they were only open the very last day we were there due to the storm! The last day was sunny and beautiful! We all (even my dad!) played in the ocean & ate dinner at a nice seafood restaurant out on their patio right by our resort! That night while we ate, there was a jazz band playing at an amphitheatre (that we could see from our table) and the pier in the above pic shot off fireworks!

Summer Lake Campout

Jake and Derek skipping rocks
Relaxing by the that sounds like a GREAT plan right now!
All the boys chillin' in the water (Jake, Todd, Derek, Shay)
Don't you love our "diapers" we used to float around!
(Kira, me, Charyl, Kim)

All the boys rockin' the "diapers"!

Derek & Jake's makeshift water lounge chairs
Look at how happy my boy is!!

We all had such a great time! The weather was perfect and the water was glass all day, so we had amazing wakeboard runs! I can't believe fall is coming and school is back in! Oh, well...we'll survive-FOOTBALL season starts!

Rusty has a Buddy!

Meet Laney! She is so cute and very smart!
I know in the picture it really doesn't look like Rust likes her, but man he sure does! They are so cute together and we are glad he has a full time buddy now! Rusty just adores her!